Oh My Gosh....

I was checking the China Glaze collection on Enchantra.eu and decided to google a couple of pretties to get a better look at them. Some blew me away! I must admit that I do this every once in a while, even though I can't afford to order anything right now. It's just nice to look at polish sometimes (:

Also I have a birthday coming up (well.. It's in June but that won't take too long!) so I like to make lists of polishes I want and show it to people. Hoping they get it so they give me awesome B-day gifts ^^

So I just picked all glitter polishes, since I'm just mesmerized by them. Wearing a glitter polish on my nails as we speak! (Choose Me! by Essence ♥) but I wouldn't at all mind to own these pretties!

I'd like to say first that I don't own any of these pictures. I found them through Google. If you own any of these let me know and I can either put your blog/website under them or I can take them off.

China Glaze - Atlantis
China Glaze - Lubu Heels
China Glaze - Flying Dragon
China Glaze - Mahoganie
China Glaze - Meteor Shower
China Glaze - Dorothy Who?
China Glaze - Gamer Glam
China Glaze - Mega Byte

And that was my Glitter (and holo) wish list from China Glaze. The ones I really really want are Atlantis, Mahoganie, Meteor Shower and Mega Byte.
Atlantis is just really amazing. Mahoganie is drop dead gorgeous. Meteor Shower is really pretty.
Mega Byte is sort of a holo, but also a really nice looking gold polish. And I'm also still on the hunt for a gorgeous gold polish. So far I only own one by Pieces and it's called 24 Carat. It's pretty, but not as gold as I wish it was.

And... What do you think of my glitter polish wishlist? (: