The art of faking it

Most girls take pictures of their selves. Whether it's for a blog or just to have a pretty picture, a lot of us do it.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! I mean.. I know I look like crap in the pictures that others take, so I rather do it myself. Besides, sometimes it can just kinda make you feel like a super model.
Just for a little.

What's even more fun than having a complete photo shoot with yourself is editing the pictures. I really enjoy doing it. I edit almost every picture I upload on Photobucket. Because I can, but mostly because it just makes the pictures for my blog look tons better. But with pictures of myself I like to go over the top sometimes.

Here I have a selection of pictures I took myself and edited.

I love making product photos!

Simply enhanced the colors for a more vibrant picture

I actually really like how this one turned out (:

So the last pictures were of a look I did last night. Black lipstick, black liner and big black lashes.
Here is what it looked like without any editing. (Or me pretending to be a model, it was just a lucky shot I guess hehe)

The lashes were really heavy (and super plastic!) so it was hard to get a nice shot where I actually look like I had my eyes open. The liner was a pretty messy job, but luckily you can't see that. And the lipstick... I really need to find a way to make it stick to my lips instead of everything else. Not what I'm used to from Catrice at all! They probably thought no one uses this anyway so it doesn't have to be good at all. WRONG! Lipstick wise I think every color should be just as good, especially when they all have the same finish, they should have the same texture as well. But that's just me...

Anyways I was actually doing a post on editing pictures and not the Catrice lipstick.
The pictures I have up here from myself are like extreme examples of editing. Normally I just click on the auto-fix button and play around with the saturation, contrast and brightness. Just to make it look a little better than it is in real life. But with a look like the one from yesterday i just had to go all the way!

What about you girls (and guys?) do you have your own photo shoot? And do you sometimes go crazy with editing as well?