NOTD - Gosh Holographic ♥

This has got to be one of my favorite polishes EVAR! But then again, how many people don't love a nice holographic polish?

In all honesty I didn't know anything about holographic polishes and how wanted this polish would become when I bought it. I wish I did though, because then I could have bought some back ups.
But the first time I saw this gorgeous polish I had to have it no matter what! It was a little on the expensive side then, especially because you needed the Fix Base Coat (565) with it. But then finally I was able to get my hands on it when they had the buy one, get one free thingy going on. Ever since I do not regret buying it.

Nowadays Gosh has discontinued this polish (most retarded thing ever, next to discontinuing Rainbow!) but it is still available on Ebay. If you are willing to pay over €30,- + almost €10,- shipping costs.
Personally I'm not.

I did find a dupe on a couple of nail blogs by Nfu Oh. Yes, the brand with the gorgeous bottles (:
This polish is called 061 and you can find it here. It's a Dutch shop btw...

There's more pics!

Both in natural lighting. It's still pretty, but in sunlight it would look a million times better of course. But the holo effect is visible in almost every lighting, so I still can't stop staring (:

This is artificial sunshine! Wel, actually this is the lighting in our bathroom. But it's nearly as bright as the sun and perfect to photograph holograpic and glitter polishes. I think it's pretty obvious why I love this polish so much. It's too gorgeous! ^^

And that's a close up. Not the best one out there, but it's the first time I tried a close up. Yay, rainbow!

Besides that this polish is extremely gorgeous it dries super fast! I only need two coats, on some nails three. It's a bit tricky to apply at first, because it dries so fast, but when you're used to it.. Pure Love!♥

Do you own a Holographic polish?