My first Franken!!!

Every time I look at my nails I gloat a little. It feels a little special to have my own made polish on my nails.

A Franken is a polish/color you made yourself by mixing different polishes or a polish with glitters or pigments.
The idea of making a Franken was in my head for quite a while now, but I never had the guts to do it. Of course I thought I would fail terribly, since that always happens.
Yesterday I just decided to go for it!

Keep on reading if you want to see which polishes I used, how I did it and what it turned out like!

The six polishes I used to create my Frankenpolish (left to right):
*Catrice Royal Nights LE - Majestic red
*Wild&More - 22
*Essence Colour&Go - Plum Perfect
*China Glaze - Ruby Pumps
*China Glaze - Golden Enchantment
*GoldenRose Scale Effect - 15

I have no clue how much I used from every polish, but you can practically see how much it was by looking at the bottles.

So I took a nail hardener that I didn't use anymore (there wasn't much left in it) and poured it out. It's very very important you don't pour it down the drain! Use an empty bottle or can or something to catch the polish in. After most of the polish is out you pour some remover into the almost empty bottle and shake it around a couple times. Pour that out and repeat this until it is completely clean. You could buy empty polish bottles online, I just have no idea where :P

The most important things to do BEFORE you actually start mixing polish in the empty bottle is to choose the polishes/glitter/anything you want to mix and try them on a piece of paper or anything else you want to use for testing. Once you find the perfect combo you can start mixing (:
If you want more information you should check this tutorial. I read this a couple times before I got started and it helped me out quite a lot.

I picked Majestic Red and Wild&More because they went perfect together. Of course that wasn't enough polish to fill the bottle. Also I wanted a lot more glitter in there so eventually I just picked a few glitter polishes and poured them in as well. I ended with the gorgeous GoldenRose flakies.

Natural lighting

Natural Lighting
Natural lighting
Artificial lighting
Artificial lighting
Artificial lighting
I was too excited so I put the polish on before I went to bed. That's when you get the nice bed sheet print and dents in your polish!

Close up of the glitters and flakies

The polish turned out really good. A lovely red with a little pink in there, amazing pink/purple/blue/red glitters and flakies. The true gorgeousness is impossible to catch on camera! Which is too bad because it's really amazing. It's very opaque, 1 coat was almost enough for my short nails. I did do 3 coats, just to get the red color a little deeper. Drying time is quite allright, shorter than most China Glaze polishes but longer than a Catrice or Essence polish. To me it's just a winner (:

So, what do you think of my first Franken? And what would you name it?