Hair colors!

Lately I'm really having a hard time with my hair color.
I like it, but it's too plain.
I've dyed it a couple of times all ready, I've been a red head, had black hair, blond streaks and even lighter hair.
So yes, plain brown is pretty hard for me, especially when I see all those awesome hair colors out there!

Today I saw a post on a Dutch blog I follow for quite a while. A very beautiful girl with almost black hair.
She went blond! And my gosh she looks so amazing! I am both stunned and jealous...
Check *here* for the post and picture, search through her blog for a before pic if you like.

I'm really having a hard time not to do the most drastic thing I've ever done! Instead, I'll share some pictures of hair colors I either really like or don't like so much. After that you guys can help me decide.

This is one of my favorite colors! But on others. I'd never go for a pale purple like that but oh how I love it on those pale and pretty girls!

Also an amazing color! And yet another one I know I cannot pull off. I guess I still rather play a little safe, since I don't like to stand out in a crowd. then again, it might help me a little... Who knows?

Uhm.. Yes? This is the cutest pink hair ever! Bright pink is cool, but this is just lovely (: If my hair would be longer and more curly I'd definitely go for this! Also that make-up is super awesome!

This is definitely too much for me! Nope I do not have the balls nor the style to pull that off. It does look awesome all together in a braid (:

Now this could be a fun thing to do instead of go all the way blond! Just dye my ends a fun, bright color. It's pretty drastic, different but not too out there. Also I think this is one of the prettiest hair colors, whether it's this bright or a little softer.

Bright red! I would LOVE that! But It's too high maintenance and will fade super fast. Especially in Summer! And since I do not have the money to go dye my hair every so many weeks.. 'Cause if i go bright red, I want it to stay that way and not want to walk around half orange after a couple of weeks. Oh and I really wouldn't mind if I looked a little more like her either! She's super pretty (:

Murderdolls, fuck yeah!

I can't help it. Ever since I remember I love blond hair! I do not believe blonde's have more fun, because I sure as hell have a lot of fun as a brunette! But I just really love blond hair. It can be classy and it can be trashy, just like me (though.. lately I'm being more trashy then classy). I like my hair to be able to tell what mood I'm in, like it used to. I do think I'll go for a warmer blond rather then the platinum blond, since I'm pretty sure platinum blond will make me look pale as hell. Hmm.. doesn't even sound that bad (:

Is there anyone out there that's like really good with photoshop and can make me a blond? I'm just curious what I'd look like.

Seriously though, I really cannot decide! What should I do?
Go blond, go semi blond like I was a while back or should I stay a brunette?
Help me? (: