Wishlist no.2

I love the internet. I love beauty related webshops. I hate not being able to order everything I want.
So far I still haven't figured out how to make a pretty collage but I used picnik to put some pictures together.
Most of these products are not very realistic, but I still would like to have them (:

  • Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lipgloss. I would like to have to colors (and guys!) Jesse, James and Eric. The main reason I want these are the colors, but OMG! They have very sexy guys in the bottles and it's just so cool. I love products that have those funny or nifty things ^^ This lipgloss costs around €14,75 and that is the reason i won't easily buy it.
  • Duwop Twilight Lip Venom. I have been in love with this since the first time I saw it. There are quite a few Twilight based make up products and nailpolishes and I want almost all of them (A) Of course the Twilight thing is just for fun, but the products are very pretty. Especially the nail polishes!! (L) This thing costs $11,20 which is around €8,- I've never ordered something from outside Holland and I don't have Paypall so...
  • OPI nailpolish. I honestly have no clue what this one is called, but I've seen it on someones nails and my god it was beautiful! It's a sheer pink polish with red hearts in it. L O V E! No clue what this costs and I think it might not even be available anymore.. Too bad ):
  • Tokyomilk BonBon Lipbalms. The boxes are extremely cute and they have 9 different scents/flavors(?). I'd love to try Iced Green Tea, Honey Blossom, Sweet Cream and Cherry Bomb. These lipbalms cost $10,- which is around €7,- They have 6,2g which is not a lot. So it is pretty expensive.
  • I don't know what brand this is but I've been wanting these sort of polishes for years. I've allready showed these in my previous wishlist but I will keep them on it until I finally own one! Imagine the pictures I could take with these sort of polishes! (: So far i haven't found them myself, but I did enter a give away that had these sort of polishes. I keep my fingers crossed! I can't look up the prices of these polishes because I don't know the brand.
  • Another Tokyomilk product, the Lipstick Kissing Kits. They come with a lipstick and some cinnamon mints. There are four different colors but the ones on my list are: Your Kiss is on my List and Butterfly Kisses. These lipsticks cost $24,- which is about €17,- and is also quite expensive. I found a Dutch webshop that sells these for €28,95 which is probably cheaper than having to order them from the US.

Well this was my wishlist  for now (:
Do you guys have a wishlist? If so, what is on top of it?