My unknown beauties have a name!!!

So a reader gave me a tip in the comments that the unknown polishes might be from Deborah Lippmann. So I googled around a bit and unfortunately they weren't. Deborah Lippmann's polishes are also really amazing though ^^ But I decided I had to be a bit more creative and typed in "heart nail polish" and hoped for a good outcome. I found a nail polish from Nicole by OPI, which is way out of my reach ): but after scrolling down a bit more I found this picture!

Finally I got somewhere! On the bottle it says Nabi Naillaquer. I allready found out that Nabi means butterfly in Korean ^^ So I googled for Nabi nail polish and voila! Their website was right there. Man I love google!! It's a girls best friend when it comes to nail polish hunting (L)

So the website of Nabi is quite awesome really. They also have eye shadows, eye liners, liquid foundations, lipsticks and all sorts of accessories.  Let me show you a couple of nice things I found (:

These lipglosses look very pretty!

The mono shadows have some pretty colors!
What a pritti mirror!

And of course, the main reason I got to their website: THE polishes!

Yeah, they have like a million colors divided over different bottles. The only issue I have is the fact that you don't see the real colors of the polishes. These are the realistic ones, but they also have unrealistic pictures up there. I know they aren't the only brand that do this, you can't show every polish color!

I hope I get a job soon because these polishes are screaming my name! I hear them!!
I am super glad I discovered this website and so pleased I finally can name my unknown beauties (:

So, what do you think about this brand? Have you heard of them before?