I gots a new tag!

Hooray! A new and awesome tag, given to me by the lovely Kimberley (:
First of all, make sure to visit her blog! Covershooter.

And yes, this is going to be all English, because this tag is in English as well.
It's called the Handwriting Tag and you have to answer a few questions. The only important thing is that you write down your answers, instead of typing them, to show people your handwriting. I think it makes the tag a lot more personal and fun ^^ I hope you enjoy reading this.

My precious Notebook.
1. What is your name?  What is the name of your blog? 
2 What is your blogs url? 
3 Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

4 What is your favorite quote?
5 What is your favorite song?
6 Who is your favorite singer/band?

7 Say anything you want.

8 Write down who you are passing this tag onto.

So here you go! Hopefully you fell in love with my handwriting (: Ofcourse I'm kidding, it's not really that special so I'm not offended if you think it sucks :P Anywho... Please feel free to take this tag and be creative with it, have fun with it and tell me you did so I can read it ^^ 
Oh and I actually am considering about going all English because I've noticed this is so much easier! In English I can speak my mind, in Dutch I constantly worry about how I put things. This is much more natural to me.

I'll quit rambling for now!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. oeeh leuke tag! ^^
    Deze kende ik nog niet.


  2. Hey mijn naam staat erbij geschreven! Hoe speciaal is dát :D
    Dapper dat je overstapt naar Engels :P!

  3. Haha doing your mom is echt grappig! en Big booty bitches ook.

    Kei leuk dat je mij erbij hebt gezet =D THNX!

    Denk dat ik 't morgen ga plaatsen!

  4. Je schrijft erg netjes. :D Heel leuk om te lezen.

  5. Aw so sorry I don't know how I missed this post!! Thanks though :) x

  6. Wat een leuke tag! Dank je voor het doorgeven. En je hebt een mooi handschrift hoor :D