Mr. Right

Today I wanted to do something that doesn't have to do anything with make-up. I wanted to tell you a little about Mr. Right and why it's so hard to find him. (And because someone pointed this out to me, I explain: by Mr. Right I do mean the perfect man that we all fantasize about. Not the man you end up loving with all your heart because he is everything you want, even though that actually is Mr. Right. And now this whole post is confusing! I don't know if I should change the whole thing or leave it like this...)

Once upon a time, this little girl had her Mr. Right. He was perfect.. Everything she wanted in a man and good looking as well. Him and her were disgustingly happy together, thinking it would stay this way for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and so on.
She had her face stuck in the clouds, floating on all the happiness in her life. About a year later something was wrong. She woke up from the perfect dream and landed with her pretty little head *BAM* on the pavement.
Mr. Right had turned into Mr. Not so right. What had happened? They both realised that being in love is amazing, but when you truly love each other reality hits back like a mofo. True story!

And yet again, she thinks she found Mr. Right. He is (so far) everything she's looking for. Extremely good looking,. but also adventurous, funny, cool, sweet... But what's wrong now? He doesn't notice her. So he isn't Mr. Right after all... I mean, a true Mr. Right would actually notice her and like her back. *BAM* Reality.

Ladies. There is NO Mr. Right. He doesn't excist! Sure, the girls that have a boyfriend or husband say they found him, but be honest: is he really the man you've always thought to be your Mr. Right? I doubt it. Because the real Mr. Right is only in our heads. Think about it: He's always really sexy, gorgeous and makes your girlfriends jealous. He's funny, super sweet, caring, loving, says you're always right.. and so on and so on.

There are very few men that have both an amazing personality and are very pleasant to look at and actually available. (Trust me, that shit doesn't exist. And if it does, he's never interested in me!)
There will always be trouble in paradise, but if you love your man enough to go through that you might be extremely close to your Mr. Right.


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Hm I do not totally agree. Mr. Right does not mean Mr. Perfect. A man will never be perfect, but will be right for you. :) x

  2. dit is ook wel een x een leuke post in plaats van beauty etc.

    Ik ben het wel een beetje met gertrude eens haha ;)

  3. @Gertrude: I aggree with you on that. But Mr. Right the mostly used term instead of Mr. Perfect, there for I called him Mr. Right hehe

  4. vind op het moment ook iemand leuk die perfect voor mij lijkt, maar heel zn facebook staat vol met meiden die die ook vaak ziet, dus het risico neem ik niet :)


  5. Leuk geschreven!
    In het begin kan je idd perfect lijken voor elkaar maar na een tijdje, en of dat nou een maand, jaar of 10 jaar is.. zullen er dingen/situaties aan het licht waardoor je niet meer zo perfect voor iemand bent. En tegen die tijd als je al van elkaar houd kan je er zelf voor kiezen om bij elkaar te blijven of niet =D