Summer Style Inspiration

With today's weather I get really inspired to put together some cool outfits. I have a thing for clothes and styles that aren't necessarily everyone's taste. However I think that "weird" clothing styles are being a lot more accepted in this day and age than ever before and I think that's great! So I'll just post some fun inspirational photos I have on my style tumblr. None of them are my own though, jus sayin'.

I love maxi skirts and I love mint. Great skirt really and a great outfit in general. Not sure about the shoes though, they look odd from this angle. 

Leather shorts, fishnets, tied tee and creepers. It has a very grungy feel to it yet it still looks very fashionable.

Isn't this super cute? A lovely floral blouse combined with nude shorts and yellow flats. Cute, cute, cute!

I'm very obsessed with galaxy prints. Coolest t-shirt ever combined with some torn up, studded shorts. Just add some Lita's, creepers or neon pink Vans underneath and you're very Summer proof. 

This is very classic in my opinion. Jeans combined with a plaid shirt, you can't go wrong! 

I swear, if I had both the body and balls to pull this off I'd wear this a lot. A combo of punk/goth with a bit of modern grunge. Yes please!

My faves are the girl in the middle and the girl on the right. I love bralets as much as I love oversized shirts and both the creepers and biker boots get me excited! 

I think this is a great piece! I love how very see-through the skirt is. If I'm not mistaken this one was designed by the girl herself. 

Can't get over this picture. No clue why but I think it looks so good with the fishnets peeking out at the top of the skirt as well. A cross necklace around the waist (I don't even have a necklace that big!).

Oh how desperate I am to get my hands on a belt like that! Also the outfit is so cool. A leopard print bralet with golden studs, jeans shorts with beautiful crosses on it, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's AND a cross necklace. It's pretty much everything I love put together in one outfit.

All these photos and more can be found on my style tumblr:   Good.Bad&Trashy

What would be your favourite Summer outfit?