Day 3

Favorite brand

Because my blog is mostly about budget make-up I have a few budget brands that are my favorite. I think the brand I have most make-up from is Essence. That's like ultimate budget! I especially like Essence for their polishes because they are super cheap and most of them are good to work with. They also keep renewing their products and they keep improving, something I think is very important. My next favorite is Catrice, mostly for their lipsticks and their eyeshadows. My slightly-more-expensive-but-still-budget brand is Bourjois. They have amazing lipsticks, beautiful eyeshadows and awesome polishes.

Of course I do have brands that I have barely tried or haven't even tried at all, that really do draw my attention. Those are not really budget brands, but I do think that sometimes paying more for quality isn't a bad thing. I own one blush from MAC and I must say that this is my favorite. It's perfect in every way and it just really suits me. I would definitely buy more from this brand because I know 9 out of 10 products are worth their money. Then there are the really high end brands like Chanel and Dior. Chanel's packaging is to die for! I seriously would buy a product just because of the packaging. Dior has a foundation that I really want to have, though I first want to try it on my skin to see if it makes my skin oily.

I could name a lot more high end brands that belong in my wanna have list, but I think I can only speak about real favorites when you've used products from these brands.

So I'll have a top 5 for you:

1. Essence
Because of the price, polishes, their variation in products and because they keep renewing. Decent make-up brushes as well!
2. Catrice
Because of their eyeshadows, lipsticks, gel liners and because the price vs. quality is excellent.
3. Bourjois
Because they have the best concealer I own so far, their polishes are amazing and the lipsticks have great colors. The eyeshadows are also worth looking at. Prices are okay, but could be lower for some products.
4. Rimmel
Because they have the best lipsticks for a drugstore brand. Amazing staying power, they survive a meal with ease! And they have really good polishes with lovely colors.
Good concealers that last long (a lot of product plus it lasts all day), nice foundation that makes you look really healthy and the eye pencils are awesome! Those could last days and have a good color range.

What are your favorite brands?