Budapest Make-up Haul (picture heavy!)

I went on the hunt for polishes. I was curious about brands that I couldn't get in Holland, just to see if they were any good. Also after a few days there I missed wearing lipsticks. I thought I wouldn't really need it so I didn't bring any. WRONG! So my next hunt was for a nice lipstick and ended up with three :D
What? They were cheap!


Lipsticks first. All reds, all slightly different.

Two red shades by S-he, a brand by DM (drugstore). These two were on sale for 99 forint each, which is seriously the least I ever paid for a lipstick! For €0,35 they were mine and I gladly took them home.

The difference between the two colours is barely visible on camera and very hard to capture. But the top one is definitely more orange and the bottom is a lot darker.

This was the first lipstick I bought. I don't know the brand since it only says lipstick, but it came in the cutest packaging ever. That alone made me want to buy it. As you can see the price was €6,99 which is pretty average.

So this red has a more pink tone to it. It's also slightly sheer and has a lovely gloss finish. Lovely!

And now on to the nail polishes! My favourite part ^^

These two are by the brand Lovely. At least that's what I think, since all I see is that on the bottle.
I thought the colours were pretty awesome, ones I didn't have yet. These were a LE and have very cute bottles. So I swatched these without any basecoat... Worst mistake EVAR! Especially the green one stained like crazy and now I walk around with a badly stained middle finger ): Next to that they need about 4 coat to be opaque, but then they start bubbling like crazy! So these did not please me at all. I will try them again, just for  swatches and to see if it just takes getting used to.

This one is by QN and is something I wanted for a while. A clear polish with lovely hearts in it. Okay so this one is not exactly it, but still I thought it was cute and fun for layering. Hopefully I remember to do a mani with this soon!

Now this was a polish I wish I bought more from! The brand is Avon, which I never heard from but I saw a poster with Fergie so I guess it might be well know in other countries?
Anyway this is exactly how I like my polish: great consistency with a very good brush. Could do in one layer, but two is just neater. Also I love the dark polish with greenish shimmer!

And two more polishes by the brand Lovely. First one is a holo glitter with black jelly base. Needs a lot of coats on it's own, but will be perfect for layering! And it dries a whole lot quicker then my China Glaze Fairy Dust! *YAY*
The other one is more of a pumpkin orange/copper. I loved this one because of the colour and holographic glitters. Definitely something I didn't own yet! The colour is very difficult to capture, but I think these are pretty accurate.

I think Lovely polishes are priced around the same price as Catrice, the Avon polish was slightly more expensive. I think around €4,- to €6,- and the QN was somewhere around €1,-/€2,-

So this was all the make-up products I got (or not?...)

Do you know any of these brands? Would you like to see swatches?
Share it in the comments below (: