I've been looking around on the BornPrettyStore website for ages now and I have finally made a wishlist. They have loads and loads of nail art supplies, lashes, fun gadgets and cute stuff and I really want to share this website with you guys.

Nail wheel - $1,47

Fimocanes + Cutter - $12,43

50 false lashes - $12,34
Nail art brush set - $5,76
Blush #004 - $3,54
Blush #11 - $3,04
Eyeliner - $8,42
Mixing bowl/spatula/spoons/brush - $4,33 (normally $4.56)

So these are pretty much the things I want to order, but I won't just now since my holiday's coming up. I think they have super cute and good stuff for very reasonable prizes. This all together will cost me $51,33 which is around €36,- They have free shipping (if you order over a certain weight) so what you order is what you pay, nothing more.

They have loads more stuff, definitely check out their store! bornprettystore.com

Have you ever ordered from this store? Would you order something?