Scrub your troubles away!

Who doesn't love to have silky smooth and glowing skin? Well, I'm pretty sure there are people out there that simply don't care. I do! And because I love you guys so much (yes, I love that my followers are growing and I appreciate it big time!!!) I have two DIY scrubs for you that are definitely budget proof. Oh, also they will make you summer and kiss proof (:

So first off, I'll tell you about a super duper easy way to make a quick lip scrub. One you can put in a small container and use a few times a day, or week. But make sure to make a fresh one when you think it's necessary. Simply because you don't want the used products to go bad or anything.
I think this is probably the cheapest lip scrub evar and it's just quick and easy.

I used about 3 teaspoons, but I added more later to get the right consistency. This is really just all about how much you want to make and how you like your scrub. I prefer it to be a thick consistency with lots of sugar to scrub with.

I added 1,5 squirt of honey. You can use honey in a jar or in a tube, that doesn't matter. I just think a tube is easier and cleaner to use. Just play around with the amount of sugar and honey 'till you have the consistancy you prefer. Stir it with a chopstick or the back of a teaspoon.

It should look a bit like this to be usable. I added a teeny tiny bit of sugar after this picture just to make it a little thicker. Now you just take some on your finger and keep a tissue nearby. Gently scrub your lips to exfoliate and get rid of dry flakes. The sugar scrubs while the honey makes your lips softer. You can also use honey on your lips just to soften them up, instead of lipbalm. Of course you don't do that all the time, it's too sticky and inconvenient. But I do it every once in a while and I really enjoy it (:

And here I have for you, the key to super soft and glowing skin. I recently discovered this recipe on an other blog and I've been using it ever since. I swear by it and I don't ever want a store bought body scrub! I forgot know what blog I got this from, but if anyone knows just let me know and I'll put a link up here (:

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Salt, Oil, Honey. You will need something to mix your ingredients in, a tablespoon and a chopstick (or just stir it with the spoon afterwards)

Okay this is what you do:

Take four (4) tablespoons of salt, this will be enough for your entire body. Though I always use a little more because I just do it from the top of my head, without any care :P

Take one tablespoon of cinnamon. This was in there for a reason, but I forgot :P But it was a good reason, because I've been reading a few times that cinnamon has good benefits for your body and health, so don't forget it! I love the smell of cinnamon, so I always add a little more of this as well.

Add three (3) tablespoons of oil. I used sunflower oil, but I think olive oil or anything else will do. But olive oil makes it smell.. odd. Be sure to use the oil before the honey, this way the honey won't stick to the spoon ;) Just a tip!

The original recipe says to use one (1) tablespoon of honey, but I used two (2) this time. Just to see what it would do to the consistency. I prefer 2 spoons because it feels just a little "creamier" but just play around with it.

It all depends on what you use to stir with, but this is what it looks like with a chopstick. First time I did that and it looked a lot dryer than when I use the spoon. But it was all the same when I used it ;)

I use this scrub twice a week, since I have normal skin. I'm hooked... I love this scrub because it leaves my skin super soft and glowing. My skin looks better after 3 weeks use and I swear this is (so far) my holy grail to skin care.

I really hope you guys liked this somewhat picture heavy post and that you might try something (:
Tonight I have a fun Queensnight planned, with lots of singing and dancing. I hope I will be able to post about it tomorrow! Have a great day everyone!