Pretty Little Liars Inspired: Emily Fields

Today we're doing Emily's look. This is definitely not my favorite one because it's too simple and a bit boring. But it is pretty easy to do if you need a quick evening look for example. I do think it's hard to find good pictures of the make-up looks. But I managed to do yet another look, the one you see below.

So that was the video, I hope you liked it. Please don't forget to subscribe to my fantabulous channel!
And now some bad news... No pictures!
For some odd reason my camera hates batteries or something, 'cause every time I insert new ones they are already half empty. Today I have no batteries at all, so I couldn't take pictures.  )':

But the video pretty much speaks for itself and I think you don't need the pictures to figure out the final look.

Do any of you watch Pretty Little Liars? If so, what is your favorite -A text or message?
Mine is:

I'd be scared to death if I'd ever got a text like that! :| But that stuff only happens on TV :P

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! (: