Short Haul

It's been a while since I've done a haul post because I haven't really been out shopping for a while. 
Yesterday I finally did and though I can't show you half of what I bought (they are Christmas presents) I will share what I got for myself.
The real reason for my shopping trip was a mix of getting some work appropriate shirts and Halloween. 
Though I did not really find anything for my Halloween outfit I did find a few shirts. I won't show you these because they are pretty boring ;) But I hope you enjoy what's coming up next.

I got some powder to create more volume in my hair. I tried it today and must say this is by far the easiest way to get some more texture and volume to your hair. It costs around €6/7 and is available in drugstores. 

Some hand & face wipes in mini size. Thought it would be a smart idea to keep these in my bag for work or any other occasion where my hands can get dirty. Costs €1,90 and is available at Accesorize. 

Some white face paint. Since I'm trying to create the perfect ghost and zombie look I really need something to pale down my face. When I saw this I figured I'd give it a try, since it's cheap. I'm afraid my skin might react very strongly to it so that's why spending only €2,90 didn't bother me at all. 

I wanted to get myself some pretty lashes to use for Halloween and other occasions. Someone tipped me that Eylure lashes come with an all right lash glue so I went to check them out. I think they look very natural and they look a lot less wide than usual false lashes. Good thing because most lashes are too wide for my eyes and I think it's a shame to cut them. These cost me around €8

Gosh Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen. There are a lot of beautiful shades available and now I wonder why i went home with one of the safest shades.. It's in Black Brass and it really is a lovely colour. Very dark brown with lovely brass/copper glitters. Swatch is found at the bottom of this post. Costs around €8 which is far too expensive!

A lovely bright coloured lipstick by Catrice. Not something I would wear often, but the colour was so mesmerizing that I had to get it. Catrice lipsticks are quite good and cost €3,99
Swatch at the bottom!

Two lovely eye shadows from Catrice. First one is called Heidi Plum and is a new colour with an old name.  The second one is called Lobster-Lobby.com and is one that's taken out of the collection. It was on sale and has been on my wishlist for ages so I decided to grab it while I could. Heide Plum costs €2,79 and Lobster-Lobby.com cost me only €1,- Yay (: Swatches at the bottom!

And I got myself one of the 4 Big City Life palettes by Catrice. This one is (obviously) the Sydney collection. I'd love to review this but only if I get enough requests. The palettes cost €6,99 a piece and almost all are worth it! 

Okay time for the few swatches I did.

Both are taken behind a window but for the bottom one there was some sunlight involved.
Left to right: Gosh - Black Brass Liner, Catrice - Heide Plum, Catrice - Lobster-Lobby.com and Catrice - Pinkerbell. 

So these were the things I bought for myself. Again if I get enough requests I'll do a review on the Catrice palette, but personally I think there will be enough others out there that already did. 
Unfortunately I didn't find anything for my Halloween costume so I will be dressed very simply.. In black!
What will you be for Halloween this year?