Riot Girl

I personally think that dark make-up is sexy. You don't always have to play it safe, vamp it up a little!

If you want to learn how to do this look, you know what to do.

For this look you need a brown eyeshadow (matte would be better, but shimmery would do just as fine), a black or dark brown eyeliner and mascara. Oh and don't forget your eyeshadow base!
First apply your base, to make the look last all day/night and prevent from creasing.
After that you take your brown shadow and apply it roughly on your lids with your finger. Any finger will do.
Don't go completely wild though, it still needs to look clean enough. You don't want to look like you had no clue what you were doing!
Use a clean finger to blend the color out so you don't walk around with a brown circle around your eyes.
Take the black or brown eyeliner and apply this across your upper and lower lash line. Doesn't have to be neat cause you'll be smudging it. Try to bring the liner on your upper lash line up, use an upward motion. Do the exact opposite for the lower lash line. Make it look like you fell asleep with your make-up on (:

Final step is applying mascara. Do this like you normally do, or do it a little rougher. The last would really improve the look, but it could be too much for you. I like to apply a bunch of layers when I go out, during daytime I keep it a bit more safe.
By the way, this is a super easy look to turn from day- into nighttime. Just add more shadow, liner and mascara and you're good to go dancing and shake yo booteah! (:

This is the finished look. It's not too heavy, but that all depends on which colors you use and how much liner and mascara you apply. I topped it all off with a nice brown/nude lipstick. I think I forgot the blush when I took the pictures (A)

Aaaand here's me being a cam wh*re (:

Gotta love pretending to be a model for your own pictures! ^^

So tell me, are you up to it? Do you dare to get messy?
If so please send me a picture of the result! :D

Have an awesome weekend!!