What a bummer...

First of all: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! 51 followers!! :D That makes me really happy (:
Okay on to the post!!!

Sometimes you see a pretty palette and you know you have to have it.
And sometimes when you finally have it you feel a little.. bummed.
A while ago I bought a glitter eye palette at Claire's because I'm a sucker for glitters!
I thought it would be awesome to use for my Carnaval make-up and maybe some other looks.
It was really awesome at first, the glitters were so gorgeous! But.. They cheated on me!!!

Sorry! I couldn't not touch it before taking pictures...

Yes, that really is a bunch of sexy glitters (: I had all ready figured out they were like gel based or something, so they would stick to your skin without having to use anything else. Great! On to the swatches.

In the back is the iridescent white glitter, silver, purple, red/pink and black. So it has quite the glitter pay off, it could have been worse! They are a little sticky so I used the applicator they provided with the palette. So far it could have been a really good palette right?

Iridescent white and silver

Purple and Red/pink

As you can clearly see, the top layer is all glittery. But it's just the top layer. The stuff that's underneath is just a clear gel. Only the white glitter goes through all the way, the rest was just sprinkled on top or something. So yeah.. That was a total bummer! I must say, I used the red/pink glitters for my Snow White make-up look and they work pretty well. They don't irritate the eyes or anything and they stay in place.They are also quite easy to apply with the applicator, so you don't have to get glitter all over your hands or brushes.

They're not super visible in this picture, but they're there! So overall this is quite an okay product. But the fact that you pay €4,95 (or more, I'm not a 100% sure) for just a tiny amount of glitters makes it a whole lot less interesting. I say you can definitely live without this palette and just look for a bunch of loose glitters in a jar, which will be a lot cheaper. You just have to know how to work with them (: