Girls and Tattoos

Tattoos. Something that most people have an opinion about.
Some people hate it, some people like them but on others and some love them.
I personally really like tattoos, especially when they have a story behind them.
But some are just really gorgeous to look at.

I'm not sure when I got the idea that I wanted a tattoo myself, I think around the age of 14/15.
I've had millions of ideas throughout the years. For example I wanted a little crown in my neck. Glad I got over that!
Eventually, at the age of 20, I've narrowed it down to three choices:
- A black heart on my left lower arm, on the inside. So whenever I look down at it I would be reminded that there is so much more love in my life then I can sometimes see or feel.
- A dream is a wish your heart makes. It's something I can't ever get off my mind. It's one of my very favorite songs to sing and I started to believe in it. Besides.. a tattoo of Little town, it's a quiet village is a bit weird!
- A lotus flower, one like Nana Osaki has in the anime NANA. That series has really done something to me. I feel like I can relate to it on more than one level. But just putting the word NANA on my body doesn't really do it for me. That lotus flower was a symbol of love to Nana Osaki, and it's really pretty.

Found this via google
Keep on reading to see more girlie tattoos and gorgeous pictures. Get inspired or just enjoy looking at them.
I have to warn you, there will be LOADS of pictures (:

I could actually go on forever. There are 500 pages filled with tattoo related pictures on weheartit!
But I think I gave you guys quite a good impression of how I like tattoos on girls. Of course I don't like every thing I showed you, but some of these tattoos are just gorgeous.

I'm just really curious: How do you feel about tattoos on girls? And about tattoos in general?

With love,