I'm in love!

So yesterday I showed you my nailpolish stash, today I'm showing you three new additions to it.
I placed an order @ Enchantra when I saw they started selling GoldenRose Scale Effect polishes. And they were only €2,50 instead of €5,95 which is the usual price. I knew I had to have them, even though I shouldn't spend my money on polishes for now. But hey, it is polish and I wanted these polishes for a long, long time now so I think it was just meant to be.

I'll show you, top to bottom: 02, 14 and 15

Natural lighting

Artificial lighting
Natural lighting

Artificial mixed with Natural lighting...

Natural lighting

Natural lighting and a little blurry

Artificial lighting

The horror!!!!!

Artificial lighting, 1 layer

Natural lighting, 2 layers

So ofcourse this is barely visible on naked nails, but since they are all gone I just had to do a quick swatch.
The first two polishes are unfortunately exactly the same on my nails, but that's okay. In the bottle I thought 14 was not what I expected but on my nails it is way more than I expected. I think it's my favourite (:

What happened to my nails is just really tragic. But it seems that the more I take care of my nails and cuticles, the easier they break. So I'll be limiting my nailpolish wear for a while, eventhough that breaks my heart.
But I will post a NOTD tomorrow with one of the flakies, I promise.
If anyone has a good trick to make my nails stronger, please tell me! (:


5 opmerkingen:

  1. waaauw, die zijn vast erg mooi met een ander kleurtje eronder(A)

  2. Die met blauwe glitter vind ik gaaf ♥

  3. Bedankt voor je reacties! Die wedges komen tussen 24 en 28 maart ook nog in maat 38 en 39 binnen, misschien dat dat je maat is?(: groetjes

  4. Mijn nagels hadden precies hetzelfde! Maar ik ben nu om en om de Catrice Nail Expert nagelverharder en growthsupport als base cot gaan gebruiken. Dit kan ik iedereen aanraden! Mijn nagels zien er super uit! Sterk en gezond! Echt super producten voor een super prijs!

    XxX Renée