I got my hopes up!

And therefor I was utterly dissapointed.
I have been waiting a long, long time for the new LE's of Essence and Catrice to finally hit the stores here.
And if you don't want to read about that, just scroll down for the pictures and swatches of the two lovely products I ended up buying.

Finally! It was there! I told myself to hold back and only buy the things I really wanted as I walked towards the collections. Once I was standing in front of it I felt dissapointed. The Essence Whoom Boooom!!! collection didn't really look that impressive as it did in the pictures. I wanted to get the gel liners but I had seen the swatches and I decided not to. But I hoped the eyeshadows would be worth it. I ended up getting only one, because the other one I wanted was horribly pigmented and the other colors weren't really me.

And the Catrice Floralista collection was an even bigger dissapointment. All the polishes I wanted were gone... They only had one left and I just knew that one had to be super sheer.
I was actually a bit.. pissed off to be honest. I had to wait longer than other cities and I miss two days of checking the store and the polishes are gone! They finally have the collection and everything I wanted is sold out. Anyways, I ended up taking a blush home with me. So that is a total of 1 eyeshadow and 1 blush. And yes, I AM happy with them.

Check out the pics and swatches!!!

Essence - Chacalaca
I LOL'd when I read that...

Catrice - As lively as ever

Essence, Catrice

Separated swatches and mixed together

Oh yes, I am pleased.

So, yes I am pleased with the things I bought. And thinking about it I actually am happy that the collections waren't so great. I have an extremely tight budget nowadays so i have to be careful with what I spend.
And I did not own a beautiful dark blue eyeshadow or a lovely peachy-pink blush yet.

Did any of you get something from this collection?
More important: was any of you lucky enough to get the polishes from the Floralista collection?

Lots of love,

2 opmerkingen:

  1. leuke dingen!

    Hoewel ik de oogschaduw toch iets aan de donkere kant vind, en de blush is weer iets te licht voor mijn huid.

  2. Hmm, I recognize that feeling of disappointment. I had the same. Nevertheless, the Essence collection is still cute.
    Th Kruidvat in my city still doesn't have the Catrice LE :S (Nor NYC by the way). I have to get out of town to buy some.

    And good luck to you too with the waterdrinking! The first few days are okay, but after a while it gets hard :O